Ford's SYNC 3 Technology Improved in Third Generation

Ford brings you their latest SYNC voice-activated entertainment and communications system in their all-new SYNC 3 platform. The third generation is supported by Blackberry Limited software that is meant to improve upon the prior versions.

?The SYNC 3 is designed to give you total control with conversational voice recognition, making it easier to use. With the SYNC 3, you can keep your attention on the road in front of you and your hands on the wheel, giving you an added safety advantage on the road. SYNC 3 gives you control of your smartphone, the vehicles navigational system, and the audio system like never before with faster and more accurate responses. Ford has placed its SYNC technology in over 12 million of its vehicles to date, and that number will only grow as consumers realize the ease of use. In Bloomington, stop in at Freeway Ford to discover for yourself.
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