In the Winter Keep Your Gas Tank Full and Protect Your Vehicle

Take the advice of professional auto mechanics and be sure to keep your gas tank more than half-full during the winter months. While it may seem inconsequential to pay attention to a small item such as this, it can really pay off.

There is one rumor that claims that by keeping your tank low on gas, you will get better gas mileage, and that is totally bogus from the start. What you should do is keep your tank at least half full or more for maximum protection.

What happens is that the more air you have in your tank, the more moisture there is available to cause problems. The air contains moisture which can condense and freeze inside of the fuel line that goes to the engine. If that happens, not only will your car not start, but it can cause damage and there is another repair bill that you don't need.

Even if you periodically put small additions to your gas tank, you will go a long way in preventing a problem.
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