Understanding Your Alternator

Your vehicle contains many electrical components that keep it running and provide certain luxuries to the vehicle like your headlights, interior lights, and radio inside the car. While your vehicle does have a battery, it is not the battery that supplies the power to these items but rather the vehicle’s alternator that does this. Your alternator on your vehicle works in unison with your battery to power your vehicle’s electrical components. As your engine runs, a wheel cranks the alternator to generate power to the vehicle and keep your battery charged. Over time, an alternator can wear down or eventually stop working. Some tell-tale signs of an improperly functioning alternator are an indicator light on the instrument panel, dimming lights on the car or hearing noises from under the hood. If a dead vehicle is found and jumping the battery doesn’t keep it running, chances are the alternator has died.

If you notice any issues with your alternator, Freeway Ford in Bloomington has trained technicians that can diagnose and replace your vehicle’s alternator in a hurry to get you back on the road.
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