Ignoring the Check Engine Light Could Lead to Big Problems

There are numerous reasons why your vehicle’s check engine light could come on. While the problem could be as simple as a loose gas cap or faulty sensor, your check engine light could also indicate a serious problem under the hood of your car.

While many of the problems indicated by a check engine light can have relatively easy fixes (swapping spark plugs, etc.), the tricky thing about it is that's hard to tell the severity of the problem without the assistance of a professional service team. Unfortunately, the need for assistance, for many, is a reason to ignore the check engine light.


While maintenance visits can be a nuisance, it's far worse to let a problem sit, get worse, and then wind up with having to pay for expensive repairs that wouldn't have cost as much if the issue had been handled early.

Bring your car to Freeway Ford in Bloomington, MN. Our service center will work to find out what's wrong and make sure it's repaired.

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