Tips for Heading Out on a Holiday Road Trip

Now is the perfect time to set aside a few hours and plan your holiday trip. The things you do now could reduce the chances of you being stuck in traffic during your long drive. That being said, be sure to keep these tips from our team at Freeway Ford in mind during your travels.

If you know that there will be some congestion around malls and airports, then now is the time to look for alternate routes that will bypass these areas. Plan on leaving late when the sun has set, and you will find many drivers pulled over or at hotels sleeping until morning. When the holiday is here, try to get on the road two days in advance to eliminate most of the traffic. Packing a box with emergency essentials will eliminate you having to pull over to look for these items. Pack a gas can, flashlights, road flares, and plenty of water.

Above all else, be sure to set aside a little time for a trip to Freeway Ford, so we can give the vehicle a complete check-up!

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