Being Prepared can Avoid Catastrophe

When you are taking a road trip, you have to be prepared for whatever could happen. Being properly prepared can turn an otherwise catastrophic scenario into one that is very manageable. One of the most common things to stall a road trip is a flat tire. Having to wait for a tow truck, then wait for the tire to be replaced can take a long time, but if you are prepared to take care of it yourself, you can get right back on the road.

Other than the essentials – a jack, lug wrench, and spare tire – there are a lot of things that can help you when you need to change a tire. Keeping a poncho in your vehicle is a good idea in case you need to change a tire when the weather takes a nasty turn. Along the same lines, a flashlight can solve a lot of problems that would come up with bad weather, or if it's nighttime. Finally, keeping reflective triangles in your vehicle to alert other drivers that you are pulled over is a good idea to ensure safety on the side of a bus road.

Another way to mitigate problems your vehicle may see is to get your vehicle serviced regularly. At Freeway Ford, we have an experienced service team that will keep your vehicle in top shape.

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